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ACR has been updated. This database is left as an archive for double-checking.

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June 2010 - Electronic Transfers

Now you can transfer ownership of a record without having to mail anything. The transfer password is printed on all new certificates, and is also available to owners through the login screen.

January 2010 - Annual Memberships

The ACR now offers an annual membership. For a flat fee you can register all of your snakes online through the entire calendar year.

June 2008 - Electronic Registration

The ACR now features electronic registrations. You can enter snakes, upload ID photos, and update your breeder record through our web interface. The electronic registration is designed for breeders who register multiple snakes at a time. Prices are lower since this saves us some of the data entry work. This feature (and the signup info) is available through the menu under the For ACR Users selection.

March 2007 - ACR is now Worldwide

The ACR is now open to everyone worldwide.

March 3rd, 2007 - Online Editing/Corrections

The fields that are not on the registration papers have been made accessible for editing through the website. Users can now update the Active/Inactive status, Notes, Eye Colors, Genotype, and Stargazer testing status using their account password, which is the same one you use for activating/inactivating, and uploading the extra photo.

The Online Editing is available through the "For ACR Users" menu. This feature is free for ACR users. All changes made to records are logged and visible within the record, including the name of the owner who made the correction and what was changed.

Correction of fields that are on the papers will still be done the same way, as we cannot electronically correct and issue the registration certificates.

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About us:

The ACRTM is run by Charles Pritzel and Connie Hurley. Connie is the author and editor of the monthly newsletter, There's just... Something About Corns. Charles is the author of the annual Cornsnake Morph Guide.

The registry is an ever-growing and freely accessible database that holds information about individual corns, and ties them together through parent/offspring/sibling relationships to form family trees. Our goal is to provide the corn snake world with a place where everyone who wants to, big commercial breeders and hobbyists alike, can communicate with each other.

To contact the ACR by mail, or to submit corrections or other forms mail to:
PO BOX 135
Palmyra, WI 53156

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